Comprehensive Guide For India Post Tracking Enquiry

Comprehensive India Post Tracking Enquiry Guide

India Post's extensive network and efficient services are crucial to the postal and logistics sector. Tracking your mail or package to a friend or distant relative provides piece of mind and transparency. We'll lead you through India Post parcel tracking in this complete tutorial.

Introduction to Indian Post Tracking

India Post's easy-to-use tracking system lets consumers follow their deliveries and letters in real time. Online platforms, mobile apps, SMS, and customer support centers offer this service.

Online tracking via India Post
The India Post website is the most popular parcel tracking platform. How to do it:

Step 1: Visit the India Post website.
Open your favorite browser and visit India Post (

Step 2: Find the Tracking Section
Find "Track & Trace" on the homepage. Click it to continue.

Step 3: Enter Tracking Number
The tracking page will have a text field for your tracking number. This number is frequently given when reserving a shipment.

4: Get Tracking Info
After entering the tracking number, click 'Track Now'. The website will then offer parcel status and location details.

Mobile App Tracking

India Post has Android and iOS apps. The app's tracking steps:
Step 1: Download and install the app
Search your device's app store for "India Post" and install the official app.

Step 2: Open App and Enter Tracking Number
Start the app and go to tracking. Put your tracking number here.

Step 3: Get Tracking Info
Touch 'Track'. The app shows your parcel's status and location.

SMS Tracking

India Post offers SMS tracking for road warriors without internet access.
Step 1: Write a Message
Create a mobile message.

Step 2: Enter Tracking Number
Enter your parcel tracking number in the message body.

Step 3: Send the message
Send this to 166 or 51969. The newest tracking information will be sent through SMS.

Interactive Voice Response System

India Post offers IVRS phone tracking for parcels.
Step 1: Call the Helpline
Call 1924 for India Post customer service.

Step 2: Follow Instructions
Obey the computerized voice. Enter your tracking number using the keyboard.

Step 3: listen to tracking data
Listen carefully to the recorded voice for the newest tracking information.

Tips for Smooth Tracking

Remember the Tracking Number: Keep your booking tracking number. Access tracking information using this key.
  • Frequent Checks: If your shipment takes a long time to deliver, check the tracking status often.
  • Ask Customer Support: If you have tracking troubles, contact India Post's customer support.
  • Be Patient: Tracking updates may take time. Wait and check later.


India Post makes tracking parcels easy through multiple means. You can use the website, mobile app, SMS, or IVRS. Follow this advice to stay updated on your shipments' progress and location. Happy tracking!